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Gay Minneapolis / St. Paul
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Welcome to the LiveJournal “Gay Minneapolis” community. Add or remove yourself from this community at any time by following the instructions on the top of this page. Also, you may add this community to your "Friends" list.

A few rules/examples of things to be mindful about when posting:

אּ Quiz/Test Results: These can go in your journal or other communities in abundance but as with everything that’s good, it usually good on moderation. You can but just be respectful about it. You can always check out quizzes

אּ Website Promotion - Link to your website in your user info. Off-site links to articles or websites of interest are fine, but this is not an advertising forum.

אּ Cross-Postings - Cross-posting is deck, but please do not use this community as a forum to cross-post your daily journal entries and nothing else. Try to keep it about the Twin Cities sometimes.

אּ Comment Redirection - As an aside to the cross-posting rule, if you do cross-post in the community, don't disable comments and redirect them to your own journal. That's fin!

Also, USE THE "lj-cut" TAG

Lots to say? Posts with large or several images, and surveys should use the "" tag. They clutter up the main community page and "friends" pages of people who may list this community. Please read the FAQ for detailed instructions.

Best of all, if you have a suggestion… post it, and your wish could be our command.
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